Babydoll’s Boutique

During a vacation with my family, I started taking photos on my morning runs. I made edits of my favorite pictures and eventually created a line of cards called #seenonmyrun. I’m also fascinated by true crime. In 2019, I attend a true crime podcast event. I was one of a dozen vendors selected to sell items at the pop-up shop that weekend. For the event, I wanted to create a card to fit with the true crime theme without glorifying serial killers. I came up with the idea to make edits from celebrity mugshots. My cards received a great response that weekend and I met some really cool people. I have since expanded my graphic designs onto postcards, stickers, buttons/pins, and keychains. I also accept commissions for pet portraits. A portion of sales from my Cards For Causes will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Location: Santa Barbara CA