See You On The Trail

I create products from laser cut wood and acrylic. Nature and the outdoors are a huge influence on what I make, but I have a snarky side that I like to let loose as well. My favorites from my shop in 2020 were the infamous “Fuckflake” ornament and the Shark Coochie Board.

New in 2021 I am selling make-it-at-home craft kits. I want to encourage people to try new things, like making something beautiful for their home, and I want them to feel good about what they’ve made. We are all our own biggest critics, and it takes a degree of bravery to commit to something, try your best at it, and give yourself the grace to overlook any flaws and embrace the good. I am hoping to convey that in these kits.

Location: Waukesha, WI