Smith & Stone Co.

Smith & Stone Co. creates handcrafted one of a kind sterling silver adornments with an old-world feel. Inspired by the beauty and wonder of Mother Earth, the Occult, Ancient Cultures, Alchemy, and Witchcraft featuring natural gemstones and crystals.

All items are hand forged in Los Angeles by Designer Samantha Rowe, who has been making jewelry for the last 7 years and is self-taught in the art of Metalsmithing. Her Husband, Nathanial Rowe, is a lapidary artist and provides some of the natural gemstones and crystals that are set in Smith & Stone Co. jewelry.

Each piece is created using traditional metalsmith techniques. All designs are hand sawn, soldered, sanded, and polished with the greatest attention to detail, making each piece a unique work of art. We believe in quality over quantity and want to create future heirlooms that are meant to be worn and loved.

Location: Los Angeles, CA