Hi there! I’m Vic, the founder and owner of Vic-Knacks. I carefully handcraft each product in my store, primarily using macramé cord and wooden beads. The idea for Vic-Knacks began when I was living in a small studio apartment in Columbus, Ohio, with my partner, Nick. My passion for houseplants began to outgrow our single, tiny window sill, so I began knotting macramé plant hangers. The plant hangers started out as simple designs but became more intricate as I learned new knots and began adding wooden beads. Branching out from plant hangers, I continue to use these mediums to create an assortment of home goods, décor, and accessories for others who share the same natural aesthetic. Vic-Knacks started because I wanted to brighten and simplify my space, and I hope my products can do the same for you.

Location: Columbus, OH, USA