KnitfulThings NYC

It started off with a love of knitting and crafting in general. I grew up learning to knit from my γιαγια (Greek for grandmother). My parents had me later in life, and she was born in 1911. I could never figure out how to cast-on, so I’d always get either my mom or my sister to do it for me. And if I wasn’t knitting, I was crafting. Baking cookies to sell at my parents’ restaurant, or making beaded bracelets and necklaces. Wish dolls and wish bracelets. I’ve always been a little crafty. Maybe that’s why my dad always called me a little fox. After years of never having knit, I started up again when in college. And like riding a bike, it was easy to pick up where I left off. Luckily YouTube exists for the sole reason of instructional videos if nothing else, and I could learn what I could never figure out to do. Friends loved my scarves and asked me to knit them this or that, and suggested I try to sell them. And from there it all began. A love of Harry Potter, turned into the making of buttons (and it evolved into a love of true crime as an older adult). And a desire to make my own products, including jewelry and candles, and my store grew from there.

Location: New York, NY