The Moth + Moon Apothecary

Hello! My name is Angela! Located in Boise, ID, I am a wife and mom to 3 little girls. The MOTH + MOON represent something about all 3 of our girls, and I love being inspired by them. I wanted to create candles that people could use to manifest their intentions while being earth conscious and esthetically pleasing. I use soy wax for all candles, mica powder for glitter and color, herbs grown at my home or sourced from small businesses. I use fragrance oils from P & J Trading, and all stones are cleansed in moon water. Each candle is made in very small batches so that they are given focused care and attention. Stones, crystals, herbs, and oils all promote certain energy, and I love combining specific elements to foster personal manifestation. So, take a deep breath and focus as you set your intentions when you light your MOTH + MOON candle. Enjoy + Be Well. Angela*

Boise, Idaho