Inch by Inch Tarot

Inch by Inch Tarot was born from my personal search for a special deck that would resonate with me. I decided to create a deck that stayed true to traditional archetypal card meanings but with modern, positive, affirming messages. I wanted the images to encapsulate the meanings so the reader would have that instant intuitive hit upon drawing a card.

The title of this deck is inspired by one of my dear mother’s frequent reminders: “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch.” Embarking on a relationship with Tarot can feel daunting, as can navigating life and relationships. Luckily, any task, taken one step at a time, feels more manageable. I designed this deck to convey simple but profound messages paired with clear and memorable images. Every card (and reversal) has a positive message, so you can be pleased no matter which card you pull. The images were hand-drawn by me in pen and colored pencil and are inspired by popular culture, archetypal ideas, and personal experience. Because I’m a Murderino at heart, Karen and Georgia are featured on Ten of Pentacles! It is important to me that the deck be inclusive and representative so I included a variety of body-types, ages, skin colors, ethnicities, genders, relationships, and abilities. Thanks for your interest!